Our procedures

Within 48 hours, ZMM provides a first selection of interim managers for your specific situation. You can benefit from our approach and experience in the market by getting a fast and qualified response to your request.

How we identify the ideal candidate

1. Your request for an interim professional

A temporarily vacant position needs to be filled as soon as possible or a short-term project requires very specific management competencies. The solution: an interim manager. We identify the ideal candidate from our pool of interim professionals. In order to make a request, you can either write us an e-mail or call us on +49-89-542 644-0.

2. We call you in order to get more details on the desired profile

We ask you questions about the requested profile, e.g. specific characteristics of the ideal candidate, job description, company details. In most cases, it takes no longer than 20 minutes.

3. Within two working days, you get a qualified preselection via e-mail

We identify suitable candidates from our pool and check whether they have the capacity and interest to assume the task. We then send you anonymised candidate profiles via e-mail – usually within 48 hours after you have contacted us with your request. In case of very specific or uncommon requests, we advertise positions in our pool in order to benefit from our network of professionals. These cases may require a little more time.

4. Interviews with selected candidates

From our preselection you choose the candidates you would like to get to know in an interview. We organise the interviews that usually take place in your company. However interviews via phone or skype are also possible. Before you get to know the candidates, we require your agreement on our no-circumvention rule.

5. Your interim professional is found

In 95 percent of all cases, the ideal candidate is found after the interviews. After you have chosen an interim professional, you conclude a contract with us which rules the details according to individual agreements: professional fee (daily rate), project volume (estimated days of performance) and time period. At the same time, we conclude a contract with the selected interim professional.

The interim project

1. Tasks and role of the interim manager

In the beginning, the role and tasks of the interim manager or consultant are specified, now and then even modified. In some cases a detailed inventory is done – often it is closed by a presentation which defines the goals and the schedule of further steps.

2. Project assistance by ZMM

We assist you throughout the whole project: During the interim project, we maintain regular contact with the company and the interim professional. Please do not hesitate to contact the responsible ZMM project manager if any difficulties occur. In very few cases, a replacement of the interim professional can be necessary.

3. Transparent reports

At the end of every month, the interim professional submits a short report on his activities and the number of project days. Depending on the type of project, detailed interim presentations are held which are attended by the ZMM project manager or the ZMM managing director as far as possible.

4. Payment

The professional fee is settled on a monthly basis. Travel expenses of the interim professional, which were previously discussed and are specified in the contract, are settled directly between interim professional and the company

5. Closure: Feedback and quality assurance

The duration of the project has been agreed upon at the beginning. If other necessities occur during the project, the project length can be adapted. Our contract provides a period of notice of one month. By the end of the project, a final discussion is held in order to reflect on the project, receive your feedback and suggestions for improvements.